A post about excessive use of dramatic…


It’s a common enough problem that I, fortunately, won’t need to admit to what I was watching! Dramatic

pauses are just getting out of hand. Every TV show that has some sort of vote involved, which seems like most of them these days, is riddled with big gaps. Some are so big that they have time to have a break for adverts! If things get any worse, the news will have to summarise the results of the days pauses, for everyone who couldn’t spare the 3 hours it took for the presenters to read the next line on the autocue! Unless of course news shows start doing the same thing: England




6, South Africa







5 thoughts on “A post about excessive use of dramatic…

  1. William Shatner? Is he still alive?! Maybe we should get him and some of the other worst offenders together for a dramatic pause competition- with any luck they’d stay locked in some long pause face off leaving the world in peace… or should that be non-peace?!

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