Happy 300th birthday!

I might be getting on a bit, but my old school is really showing its age! I just caught something about it reaching its 300th anniversay on BBC South Today as I was leaving this morning. Strangely Shinfield isn’t big news, so it took a little tracking down, but I finally found the story at 6:25 in the online version of the lunchtime show (unfortunately it doesn’t look like that link will be any good after today).

It looks like I completely missed the main celebrations which were back in May. The school has a page about this year’s celebrations and there is more about the school Richard Piggott created on British History Online.

A few years ago, quite randomly, I spotted a small display cabinet about Richard Piggott and my old school in Hursley House, which is where I work. I was pretty surprised to see it the first time I walked past! I might investigate what became of it as I haven’t a clue what it actually said now.

So happy birthday Shinfield school- it seems like 300 years since I was last there!


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