12 weeks of Christmas

Bah humbug! (That’s better.)

Now I do actually like Christmas but in case there is any confusion, IT IS NOT CHRISTMAS YET! My memory isn’t great, but I always thought Christmas started on Christmas Day (no big surprise) and lasted for 12 days. These days, it seems to start 12 weeks before Christmas Day and finishes with a Boxing Day sale! (It’s probably more than 12 weeks but there’s the title to think of.)

The twelve weeks of Christmas:

  1. 8th-14th October: There’s a fifth of the year left (even allowing for my poor maths, there’s quite a bit left) for goodness sake!
  2. 15th-21st October: The shops will have been full of tinsel for a while now, and I’ll be avoiding them
  3. 22nd-28th October: Still two months to go, no need to panic
  4. 29th October-4th November: Annual demonic extortion racket, not Christmas
  5. 5th-11th November: Bonfire night, not Christmas
  6. 12th-18th November: Do you really need to book a Christmas meal this early? (Unlikely!)
  7. 19th-25th November: Okay, so there’s about a month to go so, if you’re super organised, start thinking about presents
  8. 26th November-2nd December: Right, now it gets tricky- nice chocolate every morning is fine, but too early for Christmas trees*
  9. 3rd-9th December: Fine, I’ll buy a tree, but it can stay in the garden!
  10. 10th-16th December: Lots of fresh new Christmasy tunes to listen to this year
  11. 17th-23rd December: Now is the perfect time for Christmas shopping- all the nutters will have finished theirs by now!
  12. 24th December: Bored of Christmas yet? Don’t worry, the sales will start soon

There are plenty of other things happening in this twelve weeks of madness, still I might be feeling a little more festive after our team Christmas lunch on Wednesday.

* Kelly does have the coolest tree on the planet, which will be lovely when it’s Christmas!!

1 thought on “12 weeks of Christmas

  1. Firstly, you are a miserable old g*t! It’s time to buy a tree!!!!!!

    Secondly, I can’t see a piccie of the incredible tree?????

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