Shortest day

It looks like I missed the winter solstice while I was asleep this morning, although at 06:08 (according to Wikipedia!) on the first day of my Christmas holiday I was pretty unlikely to be awake! Looking forward to some longer days now, especially after waking up earlier this week assuming I still had a few hours in bed because it was so dark, only to realise it was 7 o’clock and my alarm was about to go off. Not a good start to the day!

I was pretty sure today was the shortest day this year, but I noticed a few places claiming it was yesterday, and it seems there was some confusion last year as well when people celebrated the solstice a day early at Stonehenge! At least everyone should get the day right next year! I actually keep meaning to go along to Stonehenge for the winter solstice sunset one year but failed again this year.

Still, there’s nothing wrong with celebrating early if you do it deliberately; tomorrow is Christmas day number 1! Christmas day number 2 is on the traditional day, shortly followed by Christmas day number 3… maybe I should have had three chocolate advent calendars!!

On the subject of dates and things, I highly recommend The Calendar: The 5000 Year Struggle to Align the Clock and the Heavens and What Happened to the Missing Ten Days by David Ewing Duncan – very good read.

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