Back yard hypocrisy

It seems like there’s yet another NIMBY protest near me with the threat of gravel pits near Hamble. The thing that made me chuckle was passing all the houses with gravel driveways displaying their no gravel pit protest posters. I wonder who’s back yard that gravel came from. Maybe it was from an old pit near where I used to live. Not that I would especially like to live next to a gravel pit of course, although I can think of worse places. Apparently businesses will suffer as well, but I’m quite sure some bright sparks in Hamble will discover ways to make money out of it if the gravel pits do go ahead.

The last big campaign nearby was against drilling for oil in Hedge End. Unfortunately the oil in question is under a school or, as Helen Lovejoy would say in the Simpsons, “Won’t somebody please think of the children?” Of course no one at the school gets dropped off with a gas guzzling car every day…

If only this was Texas: I’d just drill down through my own back garden and start the JT Oil corporation!


3 thoughts on “Back yard hypocrisy

  1. Hi Bro.
    If they had dug gravel pits near Shinfield all those years ago we wouldn’t be in the middle of an enormous building site right now. Instead we would have had lots of jobs and road improvements. Instead of too many houses, no schools, too much traffic, etc, etc.

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