Writing a letter to myself!

I’ve just had lunch with my clone who mentioned a great service he’s started using. The idea behind PC2Paper is simple (I like simple!) – it’s just a way to send letters (the real, slow, dead tree variety) straight from a computer. The alternative is obviously not difficult either: just print it myself, find an envelope, buy a stamp, walk to the letter box and post the letter… so I’ve signed up already! Before I start to send other people letters, I’d quite like to check the end result so I thought about sending myself a sample. That does seem a little odd though, even if there is a good reason (reminds me of Mr Bean!) and I could send a letter to someone I know and just ask them to show me… I think my mum could be getting some post soon!

The company also have an API for more serious users and generally sound quite switched on. There is apparently a beta at the moment for a virtual printer service for example, which would be an even more straight forward way to send the letters. Interestingly they have the replies covered as well, with a  post scanning service. Mind you, I think I would be a tad upset if I’d paid to receive old fashioned junk mail! I hope the include a white list option or something!


5 thoughts on “Writing a letter to myself!

  1. Thanks for reminding me about the PC2Paper Printer Lora. Just given it a trial run and it seems pretty straightforward. The only problem I had was remembering my password but got it right in the end! (Your password reset service was failing with ‘SQL Error:’ unfortunately.)

    Look forward to checking the results!

  2. Got that letter from myself today- a copy of this blog post in fact! Looks pretty good. Definitely think I’ll be using the PC2Paper Printer again. Next test could be a recorded delivery letter to PhonePayPlus…

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