More broadband procrastination

Still undecided about a new phone company!

One of the early front runners, Orange, has done even worse than TalkTalk in a recent survey! BT seem to do well in various reviews, including a BBC survey, but the high connection charge still puts me off, and a colleague was recently cut off, along with numerous neighbors. for over a week! If I have to pay a high connection charge, I think I’m more likely to give Greenbee a go at £115. Sky keep putting leaflets through the door as well, and the deals do seem to be getting better- I may crack yet!

I’m still tempted to give Virgin a try though, to see if cable is any better… it’s been a while since they were NTL now!

Decisions decisions!


4 thoughts on “More broadband procrastination

  1. I’ve been thinking the same thing for a while. I’m currently with who haven’t been too bad (they’ve had some hiccups in the past but since being taken over by BT seem to have been more reliable). I have a broadband and home phone package with them. The only issue I had was initially whereby by connection kept dropping, but switching the speed down to 4Mb instead of the supposed 8Mb seemed to remedy this. Their customer support online seems OK, especially once you explain you are not the normal dumb user, although online customer support is useless if you have no connection!

    I also have a mobile phone through Virgin, whose customer service is really good, plus it is a pay as you go phone on a variable direct debit – i.e. you pay for what you use which means my bills hardly ever top £10 per month!

    I’ve been put off switching by the fact we are planning to move later in the year, although I would definitely consider Virgin Media (for the guaranteed speed and cable TV to remove the need for our useless Freeview box and the flexible TV packages) even though Cable and Clueless/NTL were hopeless a few years ago when I was a customer. Sky’s packages do seem to be getting better and Sky+ is tempting, but if you want a serious TV package with the channels people actually want it quickly mounts up in price.

    Its a tricky decision!

  2. Yes, would definitely have to stick to the basic Sky package otherwise that option would rapidly get expensive!

    And, rather than eliminating options which is what I should be doing, I just added another to the list… oh well.

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