Strictly pancake cooking- live!

This may turn out to be a complete disaster but I’m going to attempt live twittering as I make pancakes in a Gordon Ramsey style cookalong live!

I’ll update this post with the results later but to follow events in real time, follow me on twitter!

Updated: still very full of pancake! Here’s how it went…

Hope to have some photos of the event up at some point too- Jo got a good action shot!

4 thoughts on “Strictly pancake cooking- live!

  1. Topping/filling preferences now available! I also like maple syrup but that’s more of a breakfast topping I think. I hear that some people go for something savoury but they are just wrong :)

  2. Mmmm maple syrup. Nice with strawberries and pancakes. I quite like savoury pancakes too. Cheese and spinach is a good combo! ;-)

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