Location, location, location

I discovered a very nice alternative to Rightmove for finding houses on the web this weekend. As the saying goes, the three most important things to take in to account when looking for a house are location, location and location, so using a map to find properties for sale seems like an obvious choice:


I like maps anyway, so I’m hooked. It also beats Rightmove with support for RSS feeds. How can Rightmove not have a feed? Maybe I’m just missing it. Still, there is one tiny problem with OnOneMap: it doesn’t have as many properties on it. Even our house isn’t on there, although I’m planning to pester the estate agent on Monday to see if I can persuade them to give it a try.


4 thoughts on “Location, location, location

  1. I’ve been using OnOneMap for some time now and I have to admit it is a nice way to look for houses, although one issue it seems to suffer from (worse than RightMove) is that often properties are gone or the links are stale – very annoying. I subscribed to a feed for an area at one stage which was OK apart from the number of duplicates that seemed to appear on the feed and the fact that you have to click through to the site to view the properties – very time consuming compared to reading it in your favourite feed reader. Still a neat idea though.

  2. @Chris H, if you can add two bedrooms to it, then maybe :)

    @Chris T, wonder if they value customer feedback on their RSS feeds. Definitely a neat way to find places- must remember to mention it to the estate agent.

    Any other tips for places to search for houses?

  3. As far as I understand it, Rightmove has a large chunk of the online listings market for houses in the UK. So they are probably resting on their laurels, and don’t see a need for RSS feeds :)

    A map is clearly the way to go.

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