To sell, or not to sell?

Back in February we decided to move house but, despite the best efforts of our estate agent, not an awful lot has happened since then… well, apart from the slightest blip in the house market!

We’ve have plenty of viewings but not much more than that, until we recently dropped our asking price. Urg. Yesterday we got our first second viewing! Great. Today we got an offer! Wow. That’s the good news. The bad news is that the offer was, somewhat predictably since it’s an investor, a tad on the low side.

Three iced buns later and I still can’t decide.


  • It’s an offer. I know a few people who have been trying to sell for months longer than we have.
  • They have a deposit and a mortgage, so no worries about the extinction of the lesser spotted 100% mortgage.
  • They are flexible on timescales.
  • We could gamble on a falling market and put in an equally cheeky offer on our next house.

Don’t sell:

  • It’s a very low offer!
  • Very low.
  • The market isn’t that bad… is it?
  • They can’t be the only buyers out there… can they?

Clear as mud then. Might toss a coin in the morning!

Update: and the decision is… sell… probably! (13 April 2008)

Update: doh! Spoke too soon. Buyer put offer in on another place! Looking for another buyer. (14 April 2008)


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