T-Minus 6 days…

…and counting!

After recent experiences trying to sell a house in the current market we’re thinking of giving up for the time being to see how sharply house prices end up declining. If the only offer we got is representative, house prices are set to drop like a stone this year. The offer didn’t seem completely unreasonable either: we only had one second viewing, and we’ve had no new viewings at all this week. It turns out that ours wasn’t the only house our would be buyer had made an offer on, so any actual offer we get could be even lower, and take a while to get.

Plan A (move house) was somewhat doomed after mortgages for first time buyers dried up the week after we put the house on the market! Plan B is to take the house off the market and see how low prices are going to get. Buying the next house for less is quite appealing. On the off chance that anything dramatic happens to improve things or our estate agent suddenly finds a buyer (their phones have been playing up recently so it’s not completely impossible) we’re giving it a few more days… hence the countdown. It’ll be quite nice not having to keep the place viewing ready all the time!

Even only managing such a short way through the process, I’ve been amazed about how much difference web 2.0 technologies have made to looking for properties since I bought my current house… and how completely estate agents seem to have failed to embrace it! It sounds like it isn’t just estate agents either, although Cerys did have a set of ticks an crosses she could monitor!


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