Tiny Tesco

The usually sleepy corner of Hampshire I live in is waking up to a big change tomorrow morning. Gone is the old* Onestop and in its place is a brand new Tesco Express! There’s no mention of any ribbon cutting or grand opening anywhere I can find, and it’s not even listed on the store locator yet, but there’s a little banner announcing that at 8am I’ll be able to nip to the local shop once again.

Is it wrong that I’m marginally excited about getting a new shop?

* not actually that old- I’m sure it’s less than a year since it was refurbished!

Update (5 June):

Took in the sights of the new local shop on our post-dinner walk. Very nice indeed. The Onestop was good for basic essentials but the new Tesco Express is going to be great for much longer spells of supermarket avoidance! Even has decent selection of fresh fruit and veg! Oh, and Gu… well it seemed a little rude not to buy anything after spending so long checking out what was on the shelves!

Chocolate triffle


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