Older and wiser

Checking in after a short break from blogging (hands up if anyone noticed!) for a very nice holiday in Spain. Still in shock at the sudden drop in temperature coming back to not-so-sunny Southampton! The shock of returning to reality has yet to hit.

I got another year older in Spain; only the second birthday outside the UK and this time while watching a great flamenco show. I’m probably just older and older, rather than older and wiser but I did learn a little about Federico Garcia Lorca, who I had never heard of before, while visiting his summer house in Granada. It turned out to be a well timed visit with an art exhibition on in the house with, among other things, a typewriter that only types ‘o’s, a postcard sent every day from India and a virtual table cloth… and loads of other stuff I quite liked.

This weblog isn’t about travel though, so when I’ve unpacked and tamed the jungle outside I’ll be dusting off jo and jt’s big adventure for the next installment.

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