Since it’s a bit hard to follow that last post, I thought now would be a good time for an interlude. It may come as a surprise but I try and maintain the highest standards of content and editing on my weblog; no really! Some posts get cut completely, while others just hang around collecting dust on my drafts tab. Here are a few which might one day make it out:

  • Social radar
  • Even more ways to run MDM transactions
  • Command line usability
  • Favourite MDM sites
  • Are SOA and MDM inseparable?
  • Personal Master Data Management
  • Pervasive computing
  • Don’t ban carrier bags!
  • Random-bouts
  • Web
  • Marconi didn’t invent WiFi
  • Second Language
  • Quantum kettles
  • Recipe for a virtual world x: Physics
  • Recipe for a Virtual World x: way in
  • Recipe for a Virtual World x: money
  • Eternal September

Although, admittedly, perhaps not for some time! And finally, here’s one post that really is coming soon:

  • Another way to run MDM transactions in a development environment

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