Lost pubs of Hedge End

After enjoying a very nice pint in Hedge End this week I was despairing about the local Hungry Horse pub being so rubbish. If only there was a bit more competition, they might put some more effort in. I’m pretty sure there were once two other pubs but despite some searching, and finding a website dedicated to lost pubs, I can’t find any trace of them.

My theory is there was one somewhere around here, and another near the Maypole roundabout but I could just be making that up! Not that either is that much closer. If only they were going to build a new pub with the new housing estate.


4 thoughts on “Lost pubs of Hedge End

  1. its called the maypole roundabout because there used to be a pub just there called …would you believe “the Maypole” the other couple of pubs in Hedge End that I remember are the Fountain and the Barley corn

  2. Presumably the pub was named after some tall wooden pole in the past, and now all we have is a very dull roundabout. oh well.

    The Barleycorn is still there but since the post I think the Fountain has gone as well.

  3. Hi, there used to be a Berni Inn at your location in the map. Closed down maaaaaany years ago though – 1995 I think! There was definitely a pub called The Maypole down where the nursing home is now, but that also went in the 1990’s. The Fountain near to Hedge End village centre closed in 2010 and is now the site of flats. All that’s left in Hedge End centre now is The Barleycorn, and up near the train station is still the Shamblehurst Barn. Both are still going strong now in 2016 :)

  4. I lived at the Maypole from about 1972 until 1976 – it was real….and wonderful. I wanted to see it before it was demolished but I was too late.

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