Justin Casey moving on

As Justin mentioned on his blog, and also reported elsewhere, he’s moving on to join the Fashion Research Institute and Friday was his last day in the Hursley Information Management team at IBM. Unfortunately, while there are many advantages to working from home, there are downsides, one of which was missing Justin’s leaving drinks at the Dolphin. I’m also going to be missing the Open-Source, Interoperable Virtual Worlds panel at the Virtual Worlds expo. Still, with the power of blogging I hope I won’t be missing out completely.

Good luck to Justin with what sounds like a tremendous opportunity.


2 thoughts on “Justin Casey moving on

  1. Thanks James – I think the next year or so is going to be a pretty crazy ride :-). I’ll definitely be continuing to blog about OpenSim (and possibly start a personal blog – although I suspect I’ll completely lack the time todo that!)

    Best of luck to you too in the future.

  2. Cheers Justin. If you don’t manage a personal blog, or the odd intermission on your OpenSim blog, perhaps you could twitter? Would be good hear how crazy the ride gets :)

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