Google plating

This post is brought to you from the new Google Chrome browser.

I’m sure there will be some in depth and deeply technical reviews about Chrome before long, if there aren’t already that is, but here are my first few thoughts:

  1. First thought
  2. Second thought
  3. Third thought

So far Chrome looks reasonably solid- solid enough to risk writing a blog post on even! I certainly like the sound of tabs in separate processes, given the number of times a website has taken out all my tabs. I usually have far too many tabs open I admit… but I’ve not yet caused the entire internet to crash as a result!

Playing with the about:memory page was interesting as well, especially with other browsers listed with Chrome. Interestingly Opera 9.5 was using less memory despite having more tabs open. Both Opera and Chrome have gone for a cut down interface, which I prefer, although there does seem to be a fairly random split of menu items between Chrome’s “Control the current page” and “Customise and control Google Chrome” menus. I imagine a lot of time was spent deciding what should go in each… oh well.

It’s great to have another browser to spice things up, and I love the new tab page- Chrome will most definitely be staying installed, along with Opera, Firefox and IE!

Update: Some thoughts from other people:

Extra, extra! A roundup and review of the media hype on The Register:


6 thoughts on “Google plating

  1. Or… in the words of the Bard: “It’s a browser… what’s there to get excited about?”

    I’ve given it a full 30-second test now… and it seems to behave like a browser, browsing stuff and that. Ummm… that’s it, really.

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  3. @Aleister, agreed, but had it not behaved like a browser and not browsed stuff, this could have been a very short experiment!

    @Kevin, clearly you should use WordPress but other than that, I don’t see too much cause for concern while there are so many alternatives. In fact, that’s the biggest plus with Chrome for me- another choice and some new ideas.

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