Money trees

Can I interest anyone in a money tree? Yes, an actual money tree, not the virtual variety!

Before you get too excited, money doesn’t actually grow on this type of tree, and I must admit I haven’t even seen it flower. I got it from my mum, plus it has survived longer than any other plant I’ve had, mostly due to it’s incredible ability to go without water, so I guess it saves money but that’s as good as it gets.

The money tree is doubly hard to kill because everytime you pull a bit off, you end up with another one, a bit like the hell-hound Sammael in Hellboy… well, kind of. Anyway, the last two bits I pulled off have sprouted roots so they’ll be looking for a new home soon:

Money tree cuttings

Money tree cuttings

For anyone with previous money tree clones, here’s how the big one’s doing!

Wot no money

Wot no money

So getting just a bit top heavy. Might start taking bigger lumps off soon before it falls off the windowsill!

(All of which reminds me of German friendship cakes; haven’t had one of those round for years.)


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