Ban Bullying at Work Day

Three years ago on November 7th my mum travelled from Whitley to Westminster for national ban bullying at work day, having been bullied at work herself. At the time she also ran a web site to help other bullied teachers where, as well as describing the facts that led to the premature end of her teaching career, she recommended reading “Bully in Sight” by Tim Field.

Bullied Teachers site

Bullied Teachers site

Sadly I doubt much has changed in the last three years so the best advice I could give, if you are ever bullied at work, is to find a new job if at all possible. This monster career advice article on the subject makes some good points and has a figure that seven out of ten people who are bullied lose their jobs, so better to do it on your own terms.


I wasn’t expecting to see ban bullying at work day get that much coverage but the BBC managed to have a news article on bullying without even mentioning it! Quite pleased to see my old university raising awareness though.


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