New doors!

Having failed to move house earlier this year, it seems likely we’ll be here a year or two longer, so it was back to the list of home improvement projects again this week. Until recently, we had a very draughty patio door in the living room. It was double glazed, but that doesn’t make much difference when the cold air can just go round the glass!

Unfortunately the site I usually use to find traders wasn’t much help for local double glazing companies so, after a bit of shopping around, I took a gamble and went for Domain Windows: good price, the doors we wanted, no strange sales pitch like one of their competitors next door, and the closest to our house. I’ve not been too successful with window companies in the past, with one struggling to fit a front door, and another doing a good job but vanishing before I got round to the back door. Pretty impressed with Domain so far though- we only ordered a couple of weeks ago and the doors are in already.

Great to have a cold snap the day I have a massive hole in the back of the house. At least it didn’t rain!


That dip is a rather chilly 11 degrees (indoors!), so it’s lucky it only took them a morning to replace the old patio door with french doors. Really looking forward to summer to open them up properly!


Depressingly the next thing on the to-do list is the first room I decorated when I moved in; the bathroom needs doing again!

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