Navigating with baked beans

Very pleased with my new high tech sat nav cradle attachment:


Fits my car’s cup holder perfectly and keeps the screen in just the right spot. Plan A had been to use an old plastic bottle with some stones in, but that wasn’t quite so stable. (Might have worked better with a different size bottle, or in a different cup holder for that matter.) Using a tin also means I have some emergency rations in the event of any really bad traffic jams!

Must have gifts for anyone with a sat nav next Christmas?


5 thoughts on “Navigating with baked beans

  1. Very nice! Hope that’s a pop top can if you’re also using it for emergency rations, either that or you have an emergency can opener handy.

    Did you not want it on your windshield? That’s where I usually keep mine… I really like the newer Garmin holders too, they adjust better than the old ones and are easier to get on and off.

    Hope you’re enjoying your fun new gadget!

  2. Ah, well, I would need a tin opener if I was really going to use this particular tin for emergency rations, so a minor flaw!

    There’s a couple of reasons I didn’t want to use the windscreen: my car has some funny ‘cab-forward’ thing going on which makes it a bit awkward, and the sucker mark might make someone think it’s worth breaking in to see if I left the sat nav in the glove box. They do get a tin of beans if they break in now though!

  3. Good points, I’ve never had a problem with the sucker mark, I definitely do not leave anything of value in my car… especially not in Detroit, but women have purses they can often carry little gadgets in :)

    I do take down the GPS holder and put the chargers in the glove box though. I like to get those things out of view.

    I guess if somebody is motivated to break into your car they can probably find any number of reasons to do so… or even non-reasons, I came out of work once to find the window shattered on my car but nothing was stolen, not even the money I had near the broken window.

  4. It’s almost more annoying when they don’t take anything- Jo’s driver window was smashed a while ago for no reason which was a right pain.

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