Tweetup spotted outside London

Last night I went along to my first ‘proper’ tweetup. I’ve had minor tweetups with friends and fellow Hursley tweeps before, mostly involving a nice cup of tea and a sit down, but all the big tweetups seem to be in London. (Or Reading, but who’d want to go there?!)

PR gurus, students, lecturers, web designers, application developers, personal trainers, salsa dancers, cake bakers, comedians, film makers, journalists, metaverse evangalists, entrepreneurs and those new to twitter were in the basement of Dock Gate 4 for the first Tuesday Tweetup. Not sure how many people came in total, but @Tuesdaytweetup‘s (Lisa‘s) efforts meant there were more than enough people to talk to in one evening.

Without Pokens, QR codes, Cityware, or a decent memory to be sure, I think I met @_hb, @RAndyVee@DanShilcock, @CatStormont, @jonsa57 and of course @Tuesdaytweetup (who did I miss?!), and heard some great stuff about an ultimate set top box project (in need of Linux hardware driver guru) and owl flavour cakes.

I didn’t recognise many people at the tweetup (most of the Southampton tweeps I do follow weren’t there) but it was also good to catch up with @epredator and @cminion.

All the signs are that the Tuesday Tweetup will be a regular event and in the mean time, the second OpenWeb Southampton is on soon. (I guess there’s still no Southampton network in Facebook yet though.)


1 thought on “Tweetup spotted outside London

  1. Hi James,

    It was great to meet you too and hope we meet again soon. OpenWebSoton looks like an intersting event to attend. Plus it has a free bar (for those who drink – I’m teetotal)!

    Kind regards,


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