Data governance is like teenage sex

Around this time last year, I was at the MDM Summit and I was experimenting with twitter. This year I wasn’t able to make it to the MDM Summit but luckily there are a few more people using twitter these days, including Aaron Zornes who tweeted this gem:

Per Zurich leadership at MDM SUMMIT Europe, “Data governance is like teenage sex – everyone thinks they are doing it, but no one really is”

So thanks to @alyswoodward, @azornes, @hlsdk, @jeric40 and @oliviermathurin (but no hashtag that I noticed) I didn’t miss out completely. Hopefully there will be some blog posts along at some point as well.

3 thoughts on “Data governance is like teenage sex

  1. True, it’s probably quite a culturally specific comparison. The idea that what people say they do is sometimes quite different to reality does seem to apply to data governance pretty well though.

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