Now that they have all been sent (hopefully!) here’s a snap of one of our wedding invitations, which we prepared earlier


They also include a lovely map, thanks to OpenStreetMap, and a very detailed information sheet, just in case the internet encounters a terrible catastrophe and stops working in the near future. If you ever decide to make your own wedding invitations, I would definitely recommend keeping it simple… or just invite 3 people! Actually, deciding who to invite has been the only stressful bit of the process so far- I would love to invite everyone but that’s not really an option, in any economic climate, not just the current one.


2 thoughts on “Invitations

  1. They came out great! Nice job :) Simple is good. Also yea for using OpenStreetMap, we have meetups here, I’ve wanted to participate but haven’t been able to yet. Combines my two favorite things, wiki-like environments, and maps.

  2. I’ve thought OpenStreetMap is great for a long time, and have been a bit puzzled by some peoples lack of enthusiasm. Until, that is, I realised I live in what is probably the most completely mapped part of the world! Someone round here has done a superhuman job- don’t know weather this is a particularly cartographic part of the world, what with Ordnance Survey just down the road. On the look out for something they missed though :)

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