Competition time!

No idea whether this is going to work but I have a postcard of Hursley which I bought on some strange impulse recently. I don’t even send postcards when I’m on holiday usually, and I have no idea who would want one of Hursley…


…so, here’s the plan: this amazing swag (ok it’s just a postcard but it’s very rare!) is up for grabs. To win, just leave a comment below, and the comment from the furthest away wins. Simple; no need to buy anything, or annoy people with daft hashtags on Twitter!

I’ll even post it from the Hursley post office.


13 thoughts on “Competition time!

  1. @Pete, only a few small flaws with that plan; the Antartica is just a bit too suspicious, I know you aren’t there, I’d be posting the card to the penguins… and you just gave it away!!

    @Nick, just had to consult the competition rules there- I had thought it was the distance from home, but it turns out it is the distance from Hursley. Makes much more sense, and Jo is very pleased to be in the lead still!

  2. What is the deadline? So I know whether I have time to travel somewhere remote. Also, how are you validating the result, by IP block? I think the rules need clarifying…

  3. @Kelly, I think I can keep Jo happy with a runners up prize for posting first!

    @Andy, consulting the very detailed competition small print again, I see the closing date is the 4th August 2009. (As for validating the result; a combination of participant honesty and a judgly huddle will be used… probably.)

  4. @Richard, oooo, interesting- will you still be there to receive the postcard after 4th August though? If not, west coast US would beat Kelly anyway.

    Looks like an amazing trip btw. brings back great memories of our NZ trip. Where are you planning to go down there?

    • ah no, i leave NZ 7/29 back to a week or so in Auz then back to DC. Just arrived so nothing set yet (and depending on getting some non-work time) but have a pile of brochures a mile high from the hotel waiting to help suggest and plan things…

  5. Woohoo!!! I’ve only just found your blog – thanks to you tweeting on Twitter… and I think having scanned the intricacies of the contract… ahem, sorry, rules – then, surely: I WIN!! I WIN!!! YAY!
    It’s one day away from the 4th too – woohoo!!!!
    Hursley card: come to Biggsy :-)

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