Darn, another cunning plan someone has beaten me to…

The last couple of years I’ve been swamped with more apples than I know what to do with in my garden. Not bad considering the size of the garden, apple tree, and how much of the tree I keep chopping off. Anyway, most of the apples end up in the compost which has always seemed a bit of a waste, so I’ve been pondering some way to put my unwanted apples in touch with people who want to make pies. A fruit reunited if you will. I even had a name in mind for this splendid web 2.0 site: “Windfall”

I’ve been thinking about it a bit more recently, since growing your own food at home seems to be in fashion (along with home brew strangely). Getting the quantity and timing right for harvesting seems to be a bit hit and miss, so swapping my unwanted apples for some other veg in return seemed like it could really work. Well, I’ve no idea if it does actually work, but it looks like has beaten me to it! Still, they only seem to do the US so far…

(As it happens, it doesn’t look like I’ll have many apples this year anyway; only half the tree had blossom on for some reason. Maybe I chopped off one branch too many.)

2 thoughts on “Windfall

  1. Friends of mine have invested in an fruit press to make apple juice with their excess produce. They then freeze it and defrost cartons as and when needed.

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