Impulse buy

I was only in B&Q to buy some paint, but spotted this on a slightly scenic route to the paint aisle…


I almost had enough will power not to buy it but it was too tempting. It’s just too perfect for some hacking; 1 arduino + 1 B&Q LED disco lamp = 3 ambient orbs I’m thinking. The back even has four screws for easy access… which I’m not going to touch until after painting the bathroom, getting married and having a honeymoon!


3 thoughts on “Impulse buy

  1. Strange to relate, there was one on display in *our* B&Q and I felt the same overwhelming compulsion too, seeing it as three Arduino controllable outputs in one small form factor. But being B&Q, the staff couldn’t find one for me and were unhappy about dismantling the display. It was cheap as chips though!

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