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I recently discovered that someone has created a useful looking Home Easy Hacking Wiki to pull together what information there currently is about hacking a range or related home automation hardware. Unfortunately it doesn’t yet answer Jerd’s question about the automatic protocol, so if you’ve got something working, it would be fantastic if you could add a few more details to the wiki.

Hoping to get back to finishing off a Freeduino Home Easy controller before too much longer- I didn’t even get as far as unwrapping the transmitter last time! I’m currently wondering if the Finite State Machine library that Mike used in his latest project would be useful to handle transmitting and receiving from the same controller.

If you’ve done anything like this before, any tips would be most welcome!

Update: maybe the Southampton Hack Day (via Benjie) would be a suitable opportunity to work on this. (4 Sept 2009)

Update: Thanks to Paul’s post I’ve just discovered another page documenting various 433 MHz AM signals, including devices using PT2262/PT2272 encoder/decoder chips, which klik-aan klik-uit uses apparently. (24 Sept 2009)

And there’s more:

Must get round to finishing this off myself sometime soon! Here are a couple more people who have Home Easy working with the Arduino:

(29 Oct 2009)


3 thoughts on “Home Easy Hacking Wiki

  1. Cool, thanks for linking back to the wiki I setup :) Your blog is actually what got me pointed in the direction of the transmitter/receiver pair so thanks for that too!

    On the software side of things, like Jerd I was having problems with the advanced protocol code example on the arduino wiki too. My housemate has been working through it the last couple of days though and has written some new code which works with the advanced HE300 remotes. I think he’s just polishing up the code at the moment, but sure he’ll release what he’s got when it’s all working. The key I believe is that there’s actually a second latch signal sent in addition to the one documented by Barnaby.

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