Do you have a low power home server?

I’ve been meaning to post a follow-up to ‘Cheap low power home server options‘ for a while; partly for my own curiosity (I wonder what server I’d choose if I was looking now), and partly because more and more people seem to be looking for one (based on the highly scientific hit count for the original post, which is almost twice as popular as the second place post).

Rich is considering a SheevaPlug for example, some neat looking machines crop up on the Smart Home Blog now and then, and of course there’s the hugely popular (in Hursley at least!) Viglen MPC-L, which appeared just after I got my Netvoyager (still very pleased with my choice- up for 425 days and counting!)

The question is, what server are you using? And would you recommend it?! It’d be great to hear some experiences, whether you’re happy fighting something as small as a NSLU2, decided on a server anyone could use, counted the pennies, or splashed out on something more expensive.

Update: sadly Chris has discovered that the MPC-L and LX-1000 have been discontinued. (17 February 2010)

“so it looks like Viglen dont sell the MPC-L anymore and Netvoyager don’t sell the lx1000 anymore. What’s a low power geek to do?” @yellowpark

A few alternatives suggested by @rikp, @dllmr, @ScaredyCat, and @netcompsys:

Update: A couple more options which look quite tempting. (4 May 2010)

  • GuruPlug (the SheevaPlug2.)
  • O2 Joggler (very nearly got one of these when they were on special offer! Looks like a very useful device with the bonus of a responsive touch screen.)

Update: I gave in and bought a Joggler while they were briefly back on special offer, although I haven’t (yet) moved anything off my old Netvoyager. If you missed out on the Jogglers, the Aleutia T1 Fanless PC looks like another possible contender for home server duties. (6 July 2010)


12 thoughts on “Do you have a low power home server?

  1. I’m just replacing my Slug with a new Asrock Ion 330 – that I’m planning to use as a home media server.

    It was cheap-ish – £205 + VAT + delivery.

    Not sure if I recommend it yet, though – I’ve only just installed an OS on it! It’s certainly small and pretty, at any rate :-)

  2. I’ve got a Slug, but am hoping to upgrade soon. Want something which is more general-purpose. Christmas is coming… recommendations welcome here too.

  3. Buffalo Linkstation Pro here. Runs apache, some snmp stuff, file sharing, media streaming, asterisk (only light use), online backup (was s3, now squirrelsave/memset)

    Rock solid box but with 300Gb internal and 500Gb external I really need to upgrade, but after buying an SLR have limited budget.

    SO would fancy a fuller low power pc + multi bay enclosure/raid & something like a drobo pro for more file storage with Gb fibre channel over ethernet ?

    Will probably just replace one of the drives :-(

  4. Nas/Linux Qnap TS-119 not cheapest excellent build, transfer speed excellent, recommended ~13w. A new Ts-110 is a cheaper buy.
    (on timer & power down so not strictly 24×7, which is even better)

    Nexcom NISE 3110 built like a (small) tank, will be running after house falls down, really a work PC/server ~20w with T2500 and HD

    Dell Inspiron 510m power saving, screen off, cpu speed-step down, a real surprise how little power ~150w (effecient old notebook)

    Nearly went for a bare-bones Foxconn atom at £75 which was cheapest realist solution.

    • typo… should have been 15w !

      Dell Inspiron 510m power saving, screen off, cpu speed-step down, a real surprise how little power ~15w (efficient old notebook)

  5. @Alistair, aha 15w does sound a little more like it!

    @MarkP, getting a free UPS does seem like a nice bonus for the laptop approach as well.

    Must check how much power my old TP 240 uses.

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