Delicious Opera

I’ve recently been reinstalling everything on a new hard disk which, as Sarah predicted, has meant restoring a whole bunch of home comforts. One of which were a few tweaks to my preferred web browser, Opera. I’ve added a few buttons to make it easy to tag pages on delicious and IBM’s internal dogear service. Here’s a quick guide to adding a delicious button… and a reminder for me the next time I reinstall everything!

I like to keep the amount of toolbars down to the minimum, so I’m going to add the button next to the recycling (closed tabs) buttons shown here:

First you’ll need to create the button. A bit of searching should give you some examples. Unfortunately WordPress isn’t going to cooperate and let me include a link for the delicious button, but it looks something like this:

I think something is getting messed up if you try and copy and paste that, but in theory it should add a button:

Which you can find under Menu > Settings > Toolbars > Customize… to drag where ever you like:

I dropped it just to the right of the recycle button, but that just gets you a basic, and quite difficult to read in my case, text button:

To display something a little nicer, I’ve created a custom skin. The first time I did this, I customised an existing skin as described in example 2 of the “Getting started with Opera skinning” article. It works, but it gradually got more and more out of date with each new version on Opera. Plan B was to create a very thin skin that only includes images for my custom buttons. The skin.ini file falls back to the full Opera skin for everything else, so I haven’t needed to update it again. Fallbacks are described in the “Opera Skinning part 1: Introduction” article.

The end result is a very handy tagging button withing easy stabbing distance (just to the right of the millions of tabs which I really shouldn’t leave open all the time!):

Now I just need to add back the other buttons I used to have.


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