Actual wedding anniversary

After a year of weekly Friday anniversaries and a six month hot chocolate anniversary, we’ve made it to our first real anniversary! After an inspired mini wedding cake from Jo I think the new symbol for first anniversaries should definitely be cake!

Big wedding cake:

Mini anniversary cake (genius!):

Very much looking forward to elevenses… and of course another year with Jo!


5 thoughts on “Actual wedding anniversary

  1. Well done, Jo!! Very clever idea, awesome implementation =)

    Suitably impressed!

    Happy anniversary, guys =). JT – since you never made it here for your honeymoon mb you should bring her for your anniversary? ;) housewarming party!!

  2. Went back to the Old House Hotel last night, and they did pretty well too! I might not have come up with anything that great but at least I remembered – the hotel owner had forgotten his own anniversary last week apparently!!
    Would still love to visit Australia. We were looking at prices again yesterday but it’s soooo expensive. Can you move it a bit closer please?!

    • Do you think it would work if we put all the population along the coast with paddles? If we ALL work together then mb we can get a little closer for you ;)

      If you do make it here, there is always a place for you guys to stay in Adelaide!! Providing you don’t mind cats and kids =)

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