It’s lasted a few years but sadly our old Christmas tree failed the strictest quality control standards required for indoor duties. Luckily there was an opening for front garden decoration, so it’s not out of work just yet. Doing a fine job too I think:

The lights are plugged in to a Home Easy socket, so I may be dusting off the arduino to control them, which would be an ideal excuse to give a Pachube Dashboard a try… as soon as I’ve finished the Christmas shopping that is!


1 thought on “Illuminations

  1. Hello, i am using eble to operate Remote Control Bulb Holders, Remote Control Socket, but unable to control Remote Control Light Switch – HE108W with arduino. I am eble to read from arduino sender code and device ID from remote control HE100. But when i sent these comands thru arduino HE108 remote control swistsh don’t recognizes thes codes. Does anyone know is tehere something diferent with HE108W ?

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