Anarchy In The UK

Quite randomly I ended up at a roller derby tournament yesterday. Not just any roller derby either: Anarchy in the UKthe first WFTDA sanctioned roller derby tournament to be held outside of North America. By the end of the day I had a vague idea of what was going on, largely thanks to Royal Windsor Rollergirl “Red Arrow”s expert coaching.

Sadly I could only make it to the first day, due to family IT support duties. (I was tricked by the promise of a free lunch!) I did catch a couple of clips of the Sunday bouts on the Derby News Network though, and all the bouts are still on there if you want to see what happens. Not as good as watching live, but much better than a blurry photo!



I’m tempted to drag Jo along to a roller derby sometime, but it might be a little tough to beat Anarchy; the London Rollergirls certainly did an outstanding job hosting the event. Definitely more entertaining than your average sport.

Update: added link to much better review of the event than I managed! (11 April 2011)

4 thoughts on “Anarchy In The UK

  1. I was secretly supporting Montreal on the assumption that London wouldn’t win many, unfortunately I think they only won their bout against London! The curse of my support!
    You should definitely go along to one- I’d be interested to hear what you think if you do.

  2. Oh wow – I wanted tickets to that tournament! I’ve been looking forward to seeing the London RollerGirls in action in person since moving up here :) Isn’t the atmosphere just electric at Bouts? :)

    (Random first comment from me I know :p)

  3. It was a fantastic atmosphere- probably not helpful to say you should have got tickets at this point I guess!
    Don’t think there are any active leagues down here, so might have to see how Rocky Mountain Rollergirls compare to my first bout instead.

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