World Blood Donor Day

Since it’s World Blood Donation Day/National Blood Week, and I missed the blood mobiles last time they were in work, I’ve been trying to find somewhere to drop off my 38th armful. Unfortunately I can’t make it to any of the other local sessions, and so far I haven’t been able to find out when I can next have a nice cup of tea and a sit down at work. I’ve been to the Southampton Blood Centre in the past but I need to find out if you can still donate there.

Anyway, to keep them stocked up until I can next make it, it would be amazing if someone reading this donated blood for the first time. If anyone is crazy enough willing to volunteer and wants to leave a comment, I have a cunning plan for a suitable prize. (Based on previous competitions here, I wouldn’t get too excited about the prize!)

Photo © Leo Reynolds (CC BY-NC-SA 2.0)


4 thoughts on “World Blood Donor Day

  1. In theory I’m keen to give blood, but the reaction my body had to having small amounts of blood drawn makes me worry it’d take hours before I could stand up again after giving blood.

    • I only know a couple of people who’ve had problems standing up again after giving blood. As far as I know, they can’t use the blood you donated in that case, so they’re quite nice about not forcing you to keep trying! :)

      • Yes, I’ve heard that. I guess I’m just a wimp, no matter that they won’t ask me to do it again, it doesn’t feel nice.

        I can’t do anything for a little while anyway, I have a big important appointment in just over a week I don’t want to jeopordise :)

  2. Unfortunately it’s clashes with other appointments that mean I can’t donate for a while- including one session down the road the day before our current estimated moving date. I wasn’t popular for donating just before our wedding day! Hope you make it one day but, until then, do you know someone who you could convince to donate instead?!

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