At the risk of stating the obvious, I’m having a short summer break from blogging, mostly due to an ongoing project to buy a new house. That’s not exactly been going smoothly, so when we do eventually move I’m sure there’ll be a few posts on the subject! Until then I’m wondering whether to blog at all, and perhaps stock up a few posts for a new season, or just stick to the odd short ramble. Here are a few bite size updates from the last few weeks for example…

It seems a bit like I’ve spent every spare minute on Rightmove but investigating house locations has been the perfect opportunity for a spot of mapping; after initial success with Open Street Map, I’ve made a few more edits. I did think the map was pretty complete where I live but on closer inspection there are actually quite a few details missing.

I’ve also spent a bit of blogging time playing with Google+ instead. Meh. I think the most interesting thing has been the discussions around using your real name, but that issue is not exactly unique to Google+.

Exploring the Android Market looking for apps that will work on the Joggler has been a welcome distraction. Need to add a few more to that list, including my new favourite clock. I’m impressed with how well the Joggler has taken to it’s new life as an Android device, but it is somewhat tied the wall, so I’m seriously tempted to buy a ‘proper’ tablet. I’m sticking to my dumb phone so I want something portable enough to make it out of the house on a regular basis. For a budget option the Andy Pad seems like it might be worth a look, except that I’d want to try before buying, and now there are rumours about a Samsung Q mini tablet/giant phone, except that’s not going to be cheap at all!

And we’ve been on holiday to Germany, which was much more fun than any of the above.

Need another holiday already though!


2 thoughts on “Intermission

  1. hey there, thanks for the note, and enjoy your holiday! Ive just returned from mine..

    With regards to tablets, here’s my r&d
    1. I was in the states and bought an ipad2 & a B&N Nook Color..
    The ipad2 is fantastic, it just works, lots of apps, lots of online magazines etc etc, but alas Apples walled garden is a pain.. you cant just copy a movie file across and watch it , bit heavy as a ebook reader and the list goes on.. Also its DAMM expensive for what you get..
    The B&N Nook (rooted with CM7) is amazingly good.. fantastic battery life (8hrs is my guestimate) and after 2 weeks in standby it still has 56% battery” Works very very well, my only gripe is that it is a 7″ device and for me doesnt cut it ( I read a lot of PDF docs)..

    I’ll probably be selling both of them..

    • Hope you had a good holiday- where did you go?

      Thanks for the tablet report. Battery life is one of the things that put me off a smart hone, so a tablet with decent life in it would be great. Screen size is a bit of a trade off too- I want a tablet I’ll actually take with me, although too small and it’s going to be pointless. Having said that, I think I’d be wanting a lid and a keyboard once it gets over 7″!

      Keep me posted on your next round of R&D!!!!

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