Eastleigh by-election: The Peace Party

Second place went to The Peace Party, with a slightly more personal reply. They too have a website.

Dear James,

Thank you for the interesting questions you have put to Jim. In this election, there has been an unusually (but very pleasing) large number of questions asked of our candidate and it has proved impossible to answer each e-mail individually. As a result, we have created the first attached document incorporating the majority of the questions asked (inn bold) with Jim and his team’s responses. We hope that you will find at least most of the answers you were seeking there and it is possible you will find others in our Charter, downloadable from the Website http://www.peaceparty.org.uk (The second attachment is “Jim’s Mini-Manifesto” for the By-election.)

Please let us know if you would like to be kept in touch with the Peace Party after the election and perhaps help to form a local group.

Yours sincerely,John Morris

(Election Agent for Jim Duggan, The Peace Party – Non-violence, Justice, Environment)

P.S. Sorry, I’m afraid that some of the questions you pose are new and we have not had time to consider answers. I know from the Sunday Hustings that Jim would answer “Yes” to 1, “Yes” to 2 and probably “No” to 10 unless he is elected in which case he will move to the constituency.

Quite sensibly they had some prepared answers, but that was an attachment and  unfortunately doesn’t appear to be with their online FAQ yet.