Eastleigh by-election: TUSC

Third up was a much more detailed reply from the TUSC. Plus another website. Maybe ballot papers should start including QR codes!

Answers as below James.
Best regards
Daz Procter
Council of executive

[Email and phone number]

Rise like Lions after slumber, In unvanquishable number, Shake your chains to earth like dew, Which in sleep had fallen on you, Ye are many — they are few!!

Dear Daz Procter – Trade Unionist and Socialist Coalition,
I will be voting in the by-election tomorrow unfortunately I have not yet heard from all the candidates, and the candidates I have heard from have not addressed all the issues that are important to me. Please could you answer the following questions to help me decide who I should vote for:

1. What are your views on equal rights, for example do you support the introduction of gay marriage?
TUSC promotes diversity and believes that there are bigger issues that need opposing and people should be able to live as they are happy without fear.
2. I am very concerned about the introduction of secret courts as part of the Justice and Security Bill. Would you oppose the introduction of secret courts?
Most definitley we support justice not secrecy.
3. In my view MPs have a poor track record on technology issues, for example the ill-considered Digital Economy Act, which my last MP was unwilling to discuss. What are your views on repeated attempts to introduce a snoopers charter?
I think MP’s have a port track record on many issues with a disregard for the people that they represent at times. Standing as an MP does not mean that I have researched every single act, and I would rather be honest than do as other prospective politicians do which is try to twist the question. I have not researched the attempts of a snoopers charter but would guarantee that I would not dismiss any concerns of my prospective constituents and a full consultation would take place with those that I represent on any issues of concern.
4. Do you agree that it would be easier to reduce dishonest and corrupt business practices if there was more transparency in company relationships and ownership? How would you tackle this issue? For example, would you back legislation to crack down on non-trading companies?
Dishonesty and corruption is top of my list because how can local business compete when big business owes £120bn in taxes yet the local business must pay. I believe that honesty and transparency is the best policy and we need to promote this within business because any corrupt finding will only damage business whilst transparent professionalism will promote business.If we chased the money owed from tax evasion and avoidance from big business and the cuts where not being carried out this would also promote transparency with more people spending money and
5. Can you promise to fight to protect NHS services both nationally and at our local hospitals?
We oppose all cuts and find them unnecessary and would promote the growth of the NHS and other public services.
6. Would you support any changes to the current laws on abortion and, if so, what changes would you like to see introduced?
This is an issue I would have to investigate further, being a seafarer and a trade unionist it is not something that I have ever fully investigated so before committing to answer on this at this stage I would look into it in more detail and consult those I represent on their views fully before making committing fully rather than firing from the hip and changing my views at a later date.
7. What role do you think an MP has in local issues? What will you be able to do to help resolve issues like planning that other locally elected representatives are not able to do?
I believe in democracy, and local issues should be discussed by those it will effect and locally elected representatives. If this is not occurring then this indicates a breakdown in local politics, if a break down in local politics is occurring then the locals are being ill represented and would need to be investigated.I would insist in being involved and supporting locally elected representatives and remind them of their accountability to the local residents.
8. What measures would you take to promote green technology and to prevent climate change?
Invest in publicly owned, produced for need no for profit controlled renewable energy.
9. Do you have a by-election manifesto where I could find out more about issues that are important to you?
http://www.tusc.org.uk I am always happy to be contacted to discuss issues, it’s not what is important to me that counts its what is important to you, because as your representatives I will be raising your issues and that is what is important to me!Representing those involved in every day struggle due to being under constant attack as a consequence of political incompetence is my motive to stand.
10. Do you intend to stand in future Eastleigh parliamentary elections?
Yes, I believe the people of Eastleigh are now becoming aware of a political party that will actually represent them, doesn’t change answers to suit a specific audience and is in touch with reality and will not u turn on policies promised.

Thank you for taking the time to answer my questions. Please let me know if you would prefer me not to publish your responses on my weblog.
Thank you for the opportunity to answer, I am happy for my answers to be put on your blog.

Good to see a candidate considering questions rather than just giving answers that they think people want to hear. Also looks like the first candidate we can expect to hear from again in Eastleigh, which is nice.


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