Eastleigh by-election: UKIP

Fifth place went to UKIP with perhaps the most techno reply of all- in the future, candidates will be able to participate in virtual hustings, live from a cold doorstep using a tablet! And yet this is also the first reply not to include a website. How strange.

Hi James
Quick responses:
1. No
2. Yes
3. Do not support this charter
4.collaborate with fellow mps on this
5. Absolutely
6. Ism content with the law as it stands and would want more medical evidence to consider to review any personal change.
7. Yes ukip policy is to support local referenda and follow through
8. Require scientific evidence base on this before a direct answer
9. Yes this should have already reached you. We have leafleted every household. Let me know if yours has gone
10. Yes
No prob with your blog
Kind regards
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Don’t worry, the leaflets got through! It would be nice if evidence actually played a bigger role in politics but I am still puzzled how a single MP could actually follow through on a local planning referenda!