Blast shield

I knew there was poo in my future, but I was clearly still unprepared- the recently decorated nursery already needs a new coat of paint! (Luckily the carpet cleaned up ok.) If I’d known we’d have an explosive/projectile baby, I’d have made the nursery a wet room instead… or decorated our bedroom and left the nursery alone completely!! Too late now though. Amazingly there seems to be a gap in the market for a changing mat that’s up to the job but after a bit of investigation we now have a blast shield to try and avoid future incidents…


This is the cheap and dirty solution (excuse the pun!) after originally contemplating building something more substantial out of polycarbonate. Not sure why I thought I’d have time to do that! Luckily we’d already been given an extra changing mat, otherwise some temporary cardboard engineering would have been required. By happy coincidence the new shield balances just nicely against the nursery door now that I’ve moved the changing table to conceal the last unguarded bottom event.

As yet untested, but nappy changing is once again mostly stress free. Fingers crossed it stays that way!

2 thoughts on “Blast shield

  1. You become a very dab hand at changing nappies at the speed of light, all one-handed and often in the dark. I’m surprised we’ve not been banned by Sainsburys given the toilet-misadventure I had with B once. The language from me was just as foul as the emissions from him! And carried just as far!

    • I’m still very definitely not a dab hand! Just finished another marathon nappy session and, if you’re doing it one- handed, can I borrow the other hand- 3 seems like the bare minimum required!!
      Thinking of prototyping a new ‘change apron’ which might have helped in Sainsburys- a wipe clean apron duck taped to a travel change mat!

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