Heritage Open Days 2013

Three years on from discovering that Clayton Tunnel was open to visitors for the Heritage Open Days event, we finally managed to book a tour. No mean feat as this was the first time we’d been away from home with a baby! It was such a hot day, I’m glad we left the baby with the grandparents…


…ok, there may have been a spot of rain. Very pleased I had a human shield to take the worst of the bus-induced puddle tidal wave!

Fortunately the tour was well worth the wait, and the drenching. The current resident knows a thing or two about the cottage and its history, and the view out of the window is certainly unique, if not a little disconcerting.

I’ve lived right next to a railway before and, while not quite as calm as our host described (it’s amazing what you can tune out!), this was much much quieter.

There are some much better photos, and contact details, on the Clayton Tunnel webpage.


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