Parent friendly holiday


Well it’s already two weeks since we got back from our first family holiday, and I did promise to report back, so while Buzz Light-toddler appears to be sound asleep here’s a very quick review of our stay in Dorset.

The plan was to find somewhere close to home in case things didn’t go too well. There was also a slight danger that we’d need two cars/trips to get everything there, so we wanted to find somewhere already equipped for babies. We found Hastings Farm Cottages on the Child Friendly Cottages website, and it had all the big stuff (cot, highchair, pushchair, etc.) provided, giving us a fighting chance of packing everything else for our four month night stay into a relatively small car!

I have no idea if all the Child Friendly Cottages are the same standard but Cowslip Cottage was excellent and came with everything we needed. Well, except for electricity for a bit but we were looked after with some hot water for an emergency cup of tea! (Entertainingly there was a small field of solar PV panels nearby but those were no use when the main supply is off, to protect the inverter- luckily they also had a generator to plug the kettle in to!)

It may not be far from home but Dorset has plenty of things to keep a toddler entertained, and Hastings Farm was a fabulous spot. We arrived with a baby, who decided it was a perfect place to start walking, so we had our own entertainment- chasing a new toddler!

Fortunately everyone survived and we now know that we can manage holidays, and we probably don’t need a bigger car. (They need less stuff when they get older, right?) So, any suggestions for where to go next?

3 thoughts on “Parent friendly holiday

      • True, but no language issues! Only a couple of hours on fast cat to get there from Poole/Weymouth. Can be a bit of a rough crossing I think though, was fine when we did it. The crossing itself was an experience for Josh.

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