Hursley 3D Printing Expo

D’oh, looks like I missed a swarm of 3d printers in Hursley recently! I wonder if anyone has printed a model of the house/site yet.

I’m still looking for even a vaguely plausible excuse to splash out on a 3d printer, but printing models or new 3d printers still isn’t quite enough to justify the money (or space these days)!


3 thoughts on “Hursley 3D Printing Expo

  1. I have some LIDAR data for Hursley but I’ve not managed to make an interesting printable model out of it yet. I did try doing an autodesk 123d Catch model of Hursley house but it didn’t really work very well as I couldn’t get into position to get good pictures of the ends of the house. The front and back worked okay but there wasn’t enough data for the ends (or top) to join them together. I did wonder if someone might be able to get good enough photos with a quadcopter.

  2. @Andy, it does look like a fantastic example of using the technology to improve on some pretty prehistoric sounding orthotics. Definitely want to find out more about them.

    @Mark, sounds like we need a Hursley quadcopter expo!

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