My first PC

While clearing out a load of junk important historical documents from the spare room, to make it more first time buyer friendly, I found a leaflet for my first ever PC:

My first PC

I pushed the limits of performance by going for the 386 DX-33 model with not one but two floppy disk drives! Blisteringly fast! The receipt was also up there and, since I was at school at the time, it took a fair few paper deliveries to pay for it! A year or so later I’d saved up enough money to buy a 40MB second hand HDD! That wasn’t my first computer though. Oh no, before that I had some pretty advanced built in tape deck technology in the form of a Spectrum +2A, which in turn had replaced an ergonomic miracle of rubber key equipped ZX Spectrum 48k joy.

Happy to report that’s as far back as I went. No encounters of the punch card kind here!

Just noticed that the leaflet includes the ‘Turbo’ button… my current ThinkPad could do with one of those.