Wot no bath(room)?

It’s been booked for months, and after much anticipation, B-day finally arrived yesterday! Hopefully we’ll have a spangly new bathroom soon, and the first major project since we moved in will finally be finished. Just to give you an idea about why the bathroom was top priority, here’s the before photo:

And it’s worse than it looks! Although, to be honest, it does actually look ever so slightly worse now…

Hopefully it’ll start improving tomorrow!

Update: a very nice (and very heavy!) new bath has appeared! (21 March 2012)

Update: we now have some useful tool cupboards in the bathroom! And a new floor. (22 March 2012)

Update: and I can reveal that the chosen tile orientation was… <dramatic pause> …landscape. (23 March 2012)

Bonus update: a hastily arranged plasterer has sorted out the newly tile-free wall, so we now have a grand total of one smooth wall in the whole house! (24 March 2012)

Update: well the tiling is finished, and they’re mostly all white. It’s just a shame they aren’t all the same shade so, having been repeatedly assured they would be from the same batch, I foresee a fun trip to the tile shop in the near future. (26 March 2012)

Update: and just as everything was starting to come together, it turns out that the toilet pan is cracked. Still, the new sink is looking good, and only has a minor leak! (27 March 2012)

Update: almost there! Seems to be leak free too, which is nice. (28 March 2012)

Update: I spoke too soon about being leak free before, but I think I’ve fixed them all now! I’ve also finished the painting and, after adding a minor dent to the new worktop, put the new blind up at the weekend. (24 April 2012)

To be continued… almost there but I still need to fit the new light, and paint/fit the new skirting board. There may be bathroom cabinets and mirrors at some point in the future as well. That should be it though. Hopefully.


The year of DIY SOS

First of all,

Happy New Year!

Now that all that Christmas nonsense is out of the way it’s time to attempt to get back to writing posts a bit more regularly. Before anyone gets too excited that is likely to mean a lot of rambling on about fixing up our new house; 2011 was the marathon house buying year but 2012 is going to be a whole Olympiad of jobs that need doing on the house of many leaks!

Given the number of leaks we already have, one job that I’m not planning to do myself is replacing the bathroom. We’re still trying to figure out the best way to fit everything in without everything looking odd or squashed. My pencil and paper scribbles have evolved into a highly realistic 3D rendering quick 3D sketch in Second Life to see what it might look like. Apart from our bathroom looking extremely small when dropped in the middle of a field on its own, it was a very simple way to get a rough visualisation.

I haven’t quite managed to use bathroom sketches as an excuse to buy a Galaxy Note… yet… maybe if it was just a little bit cheaper!

The other project I keep contemplating is whether to put in some structured wiring. While decorating and pulling up floors would seem like the perfect opportunity. Unfortunately there’s no obvious place to put a so called ‘node zero’. I guess I could put a patch panel in the loft and defer choosing the final location until later. Would that work? And is there an easy trick for running cables behind dot and dab dry lined walls? Using 8 or 16 pair cable seemed like it might make things simpler than pulling through multiple cables, but that doesn’t seem particularly easy to get hold of in the UK. There’s a good chance decorating will just overtake any ideas about installing ethernet cables but I haven’t completely given up the idea.

Next job: sanding.