Have you seen this cake?

After 10 days of stirring and feeding, here’s the finished German friendship cake:

Cake slices in tub

Well, what’s left of it anyway; day 10 was Sunday! It didn’t turn out too bad at all, and is particularly tasty warmed up with cream.

Since there already seems to be an established German friendship cake outbreak in Hampshire, I took our three new starter portions further afield. Surprisingly I’ve had reports that one of them has travelled further still and is now on a caravan holiday in Sussex!! It hasn’t sent a postcard yet though.


Mmmm, cake

Thanks to Richard’s departure from computer related blogging, this chocolate cake emerged from the microwave after just 5 minutes!


It very nearly jumped out of the mug and escaped the microwave on its own while it was cooking. Might try a bigger mug next time; yes, there will most definitely be a next time!! (On the subject of mugs, Ian does get bonus points for his inspired choice!)

Microwaves- the greatest invention ever!

Microwaves are great! No waiting around for an oudated oven to heat up; just bung stuff stuff in, hit a few buttons and that’s it. It even turns off and pings when the food’s ready, instead of quietly staying very hot and burning everything to a crisp if you forget about it. Magic.

I think my aunt was the first person we knew to get a microwave. Now I know I was a lot younger so things might have seemed bigger than they were, but this thing was huge! It probably cost a small fortune too. Before microwave meals, people tried to use proper recipes for microwaves, and there were charts to work out how long to cook different weights of various ingredients. Crazy. Category D, 60 seconds on the side of a syrup sponge pudding is more my level!

Mmm, food

My first microwave was at the same time more advanced, and much simpler than the early models, and much much cheaper. Instead of dials (probably the work of the same person who designed shower taps and toaster dials) it had a proper timer, but it also rotates the food on a wobbly plate, specially calibrated to ensure that handles aways end up pointing away from the door, instead of using some fancy hidden rotating microwave deflecting contraption. Unfortunately this microwave is nearing the end of its long and faithful service. Countless microwave pizzas have passed through its little door since 1990s but a small flooding incident early in its life has finally caused some rusting inside. Things were built to last in the old days.

Is there any invention that can even come close to the greatness of the humble microwave oven?

Strictly pancake cooking- live!

This may turn out to be a complete disaster but I’m going to attempt live twittering as I make pancakes in a Gordon Ramsey style cookalong live!

I’ll update this post with the results later but to follow events in real time, follow me on twitter!

Updated: still very full of pancake! Here’s how it went…

Hope to have some photos of the event up at some point too- Jo got a good action shot!