Eastleigh by-election: The Peace Party

Second place went to The Peace Party, with a slightly more personal reply. They too have a website.

Dear James,

Thank you for the interesting questions you have put to Jim. In this election, there has been an unusually (but very pleasing) large number of questions asked of our candidate and it has proved impossible to answer each e-mail individually. As a result, we have created the first attached document incorporating the majority of the questions asked (inn bold) with Jim and his team’s responses. We hope that you will find at least most of the answers you were seeking there and it is possible you will find others in our Charter, downloadable from the Website http://www.peaceparty.org.uk (The second attachment is “Jim’s Mini-Manifesto” for the By-election.)

Please let us know if you would like to be kept in touch with the Peace Party after the election and perhaps help to form a local group.

Yours sincerely,John Morris

(Election Agent for Jim Duggan, The Peace Party – Non-violence, Justice, Environment)

P.S. Sorry, I’m afraid that some of the questions you pose are new and we have not had time to consider answers. I know from the Sunday Hustings that Jim would answer “Yes” to 1, “Yes” to 2 and probably “No” to 10 unless he is elected in which case he will move to the constituency.

Quite sensibly they had some prepared answers, but that was an attachment and  unfortunately doesn’t appear to be with their online FAQ yet.


Eastleigh by-election: Christian Party

An impressively fast response from the Christian Party. Yes, it is a stock response, but even that was beyond some of the candidates, and they do have a website.

Dear Respondent

Thank you for your interest in my running in the Eastleigh by-election.

As you may appreciate, this is a very busy time for me.

May I direct you The Christian Party “Proclaiming Christ’s Lordship” , website at http://www.kevinmilburn.info where you will find full and adequate answers to your interesting and important questions.

Thank you for your contribution to our campaign.

If I have the opportunity to reply to specific and more local issues, I will of course attempt to do so. I cannot however, promise this will before you cast your vote.

Your kind patience will be appreciated.

Regards Kevin Milburn

So thank you Kevin. A solid first place.

Undecided Eastleigh by-election voter

Thanks to 38 Degrees handy email the candidates page, I decided to to stop waiting for random leaflets to drop through the door. It’s certainly helped me narrow down the options- after all, if they don’t reply when they want something from me (my vote) what are the chances of getting a response when they’ve been elected.

I didn’t get quite the same response rate as the Hedge End Blogger but surprisingly, especially given the short notice, almost half of the candidates actually replied. The next few posts are from the candidates but first, here are the questions (in no particular order!)

From: James Taylor – Hedge End
To: Colin Bex – Wessex Regionalist, Danny Stupple – Independent, David Bishop – Elvis Loves Pets Party, Daz Procter – Trade Unionist and Socialist Coalition, Diane James – UKIP, Dr Iain Maclennan – National Health Action Party, Howling Laud Hope – Monster Raving Loony Party, Jim Duggan – Peace Party, John O’Farrell – Labour, Kevin Milburn – Christian Party, Maria Hutchings – Conservatives, Michael Walters – English Democrats, Mike Thornton – Liberal Democrats, Ray Hall – Beer, Baccy and Crumpet Party

Subject: Undecided Eastleigh by-election voter


I will be voting in the by-election tomorrow unfortunately I have not yet heard from all the candidates, and the candidates I have heard from have not addressed all the issues that are important to me. Please could you answer the following questions to help me decide who I should vote for:

1. What are your views on equal rights, for example do you support the introduction of gay marriage?

2. I am very concerned about the introduction of secret courts as part of the Justice and Security Bill. Would you oppose the introduction of secret courts?

3. In my view MPs have a poor track record on technology issues, for example the ill-considered Digital Economy Act, which my last MP was unwilling to discuss. What are your views on repeated attempts to introduce a snoopers charter?

4. Do you agree that it would be easier to reduce dishonest and corrupt business practices if there was more transparency in company relationships and ownership? How would you tackle this issue? For example, would you back legislation to crack down on non-trading companies?

5. Can you promise to fight to protect NHS services both nationally and at our local hospitals?

6. Would you support any changes to the current laws on abortion and, if so, what changes would you like to see introduced?

7. What role do you think an MP has in local issues? What will you be able to do to help resolve issues like planning that other locally elected representatives are not able to do?

8. What measures would you take to promote green technology and to prevent climate change?

9. Do you have a by-election manifesto where I could find out more about issues that are important to you?

10. Do you intend to stand in future Eastleigh parliamentary elections?

Thank you for taking the time to answer my questions. Please let me know if you would prefer me not to publish your responses on my weblog.

Good luck tomorrow.

Thank you to all the candidates who replied– you’ve made it through to the final round of voting tomorrow!

If anyone else is still having trouble deciding, there is also a 38 Degrees by-election hustings video.