Information on Demand 2008

A slightly overdue look back at the Information on Demand conference; check Stephen’s post for another.

I spent most of the week in the InfoSphere demo room so I missed most of the rest of the conference. Luckily the demo room was the best part of IOD! If you missed it, you missed out on demos including DataStage, QualityStage, the MDM Workbench (with the user interface generator), and integration of Information Server tools and MDM Server at a rapid pace. (Okay, there were lots of other good bits but I’ve seen some excellent feedback comments from people who visited the demo room.)

InfoSphere demo room

InfoSphere demo room

One thing I was disappointed to miss was the Blogging Birds of a Feather (BOF) session on Wednesday although, since they weren’t offering free drinks like one of the other BOFs, it seems there weren’t many people there. I might have made it if Twitter hadn’t regressed as much as it has since the MDM Summit but that’s a subject for another day.

I did manage to escape our demo stand a few times during the week to find out more about IBM mashups, with some excellent sessions and even better chats. Just signed up for Lotus Greenhouse to play with some of the tools that were on show. The demo room was all packed up on Thursday night, so I made the most of the Friday morning for another mashup session, an excellent mashup usability workshop and (slight tangent here) the “Virtual Worlds and Databases: In-world Tools Using External Databases” session which I’m glad I got to. There’s a hint of what Lance covered on the Database Magazine Profiles in Innovation.

I’ve been on the look out for more of what I didn’t get to see, and this is the random selection of IOD articles I’ve stumbled across so far:

Plus Alex has a handy guide for a stay in Las Vegas, including a much better shot of the Excalibur hotel I was staying in than I managed to get- a very very silly hotel!

Update: just been sent a link to some brilliant photos of the demo room! There’s also one in there showing the globes that bounced out of the way of shadows when people walked in front of the projectors, which I enjoyed on the way to breakfast each morning- I’m easily entertained! (12 Nov 2008)


Last day of InfoSphere demos at IOD

The InfoSphere demo room at Information on Demand is closed tomorrow, so make sure you visit us in the Mandalay Bay Ballroom (J&K) to find out everything you could possibly want to know about InfoSphere today: InfoSphere for System z, IBM Mashup Center, the MDM Workbench, Business Glossary, Information Analyser, FastTrack, DataStage, QualityStage, and much much more. There are over 30 demo stations up here!

No demo room tomorrow means I get a small chance to look around the rest of IOD. Just in time for an enterprise mashup technical deep dive, and virtual world tools using external databases.

If you’re at IOD or want to find out what’s been going on, don’t read this blog, try Adam’s or Richard’s instead!

Viva Las Vegas

It’s unusually quiet in the Information on Demand (IOD) demo room (I think we’re officially closed but that hasn’t stopped a few keen people sneaking in!) so I have time for a very quick post.

There’s a small crowd of us from Hursley and Milton Keynes up in the Mandalay Bay Ballroom (J&K) doing InfoSphere demos. If you’re at IOD, come up and see demos of DataStage/QualityStage, MDM Workbench (including the user interface generator which I work on) and how you can rapidly integrate Information Server and MDM Server (which is what I’m demoing).

Looks like people are starting to arrive, so that’s all for now!

Getting ready for Information on Demand

Next week I’ll be at the Information on Demand conference in Las Vegas and, like Susan, I’m nearly ready! (Hopefully I’ll actually be ready after the set up session on Sunday afternoon!)

This will be my first trip to Las Vegas, and my first IOD conference, so I’ve been on the look out for anything useful in the run up. After a slow start, there’s some activity- here’s my shortlist in the absence of a decent aggregation (would have set up a Yahoo pipe or something if I’d thought of it earlier):

I also stumbled on The Maturing of MDM and You did check that spreadsheet, right? along the way, which you may be interested in.

I’ll be in the demo hall most of the week, although I do hope to escape to blog along the way!

Update: Richard Hackathorn started early and has already been posting about IOD/Gold. (26 Oct 2008)