The cake fairy

Reentry from honeymoon to real life was softened a bit by this…


…which was waiting for us when we got home this morning.  Looks like the cake fairy got in while we were away! And the milk fairy had restocked the fridge so we could start making up for missed tea without any shopping delays!

It’s been a fantastic September so far, but it’s not over yet. The rest of the month I will mostly be:

  • Married!
  • Unpacking
  • Going back to work tomorrow- urg!
  • Catching up (what’s been happing the last few weeks? Anything interesting?)
  • Writing lots of thank you letters
  • Looking at wedding photos
  • Looking at honeymoon photos
  • Finding out why @jthouse is frozen
  • Working on my second CurrentCost development board circuit (this time sensing pipe temperature- any clues?!) inspired by the homecamp blog
  • Taking things apart
  • Going to another wedding!
  • Other stuff I’ll find out about when I risk looking at my inbox in the morning

But first, of course, I’ll be eating cake! (And sleeping!)


Writing a letter to myself!

I’ve just had lunch with my clone who mentioned a great service he’s started using. The idea behind PC2Paper is simple (I like simple!) – it’s just a way to send letters (the real, slow, dead tree variety) straight from a computer. The alternative is obviously not difficult either: just print it myself, find an envelope, buy a stamp, walk to the letter box and post the letter… so I’ve signed up already! Before I start to send other people letters, I’d quite like to check the end result so I thought about sending myself a sample. That does seem a little odd though, even if there is a good reason (reminds me of Mr Bean!) and I could send a letter to someone I know and just ask them to show me… I think my mum could be getting some post soon!

The company also have an API for more serious users and generally sound quite switched on. There is apparently a beta at the moment for a virtual printer service for example, which would be an even more straight forward way to send the letters. Interestingly they have the replies covered as well, with a  post scanning service. Mind you, I think I would be a tad upset if I’d paid to receive old fashioned junk mail! I hope the include a white list option or something!