Master Data Management links: March

It’s been a while since I last pulled together a few MDM related links, and I haven’t done it in March before, so here are a few sites I’ve been keeping an eye on lately. There’s a loose theme this month as well; these are a few of the MDM communities that are out there.

First up is a brand new group on LinkedIn. Created by Henrik at the end of February, this group already has 125 members and has immediately sparked some interesting discussions. (The group may be new but Henrik has been blogging for a while.)

There are plenty of other MDM groups on LinkedIn, and I’m a member of a few others, but so far none have really stood out. I’m hoping Multi-Domain MDM maintains momentum after it’s good start.

The next link is a community I’ve been a member of for a bit longer, in fact it featured in my first MDM links post! Dan was one of the earliest MDM bloggers I discovered, and is still posting on the Hub Designs Blog, so I’m not surprised this community is still going strong.

Blogging provided strong foundations for both these communities, and in some respects you don’t really need a purpose built ‘community’ site. An active blog with plenty of posts and discussions is just as good, and I’ve recently been enjoying this one:

And finally, communities are all about people, and that’s what twitter is good at. Lists make it easy to share people worth following and luckily Dan has one already, which saved me creating one myself!

Are there any other MDM communities you’d recommend?


Master Data Management links: August

Another random selection of MDM related links, this time all turning up in my inbox at about the same time. The first one is from a five part series on which reminded me of earlier musings on the relationship between MDM and SOA:

The definition of MDM still seems to me to be quite subjective, with subtle differences depending on who you talk to. (Someone I know rather unkindly suggests it’s just a glorified database!) The next two links both have something to say about what problems MDM is trying to address:

What’s the best definition/example of MDM you’ve seen?

And finally, now seems like a good time to mention the Information on Demand conference. As well as meeting people with real world experience of this kind of thing, there are technical sessions for the MDM Workbench which is what I actually work on.

Master Data Management links: February

I have a slightly bad habit of leaving lots of tabs open in my browser until I get round to looking at them properly. Unfortunately my laptop seems to be getting a tad unreliable and after the last crash Opera failed to restore all the open tabs I had, which included a few MDM sites I was planning to post about. Here’s a very quick run down of the ones I could remember:

Master Data Management: Rapid Deployment Package for MDM draft redbook

I was presenting on a similar theme at the last Information on Demand conference, and we got quite a few questions about the rapid deployment package after it was announced at the same event. Hopefully this Redbook has all the answers!

A beginner’s guide to MDM (Master Data Management)

I discovered this one after a tweet from @dataqualitypro. Reasonable length introduction to MDM without overdoing it, and with some handy links. Now bookmarked ready for the next, ‘What is MDM?’ question.

MDM Community

A Ning community created by Dan Power, and one of the links in the beginners guide. Looks like it’s building up to be an interesting and active community.

Understand IBM InfoSphere MDM Server Security, Part 5: Integrating Master Data Management Server with Tivoli Federated Identity Manager

Latest in a series of developerWorks articles on MDM Server security. I’m about to publish a new developerWorks space for the MDM Workbench so I’ve been on the look out for developerWorks articles on MDM. Good to see recent articles for MDM Server on there.

(Ooops, already back up to 36 tabs! Must start tagging and closing them or something.)

Update: the MDM Workbench developerWorks space is now live- I guess that should be a March link but it almost made it in time! (4 March 2009)