Crushing phones

There seem to be more people doing this kind of thing around recently…

© José Luís Agapito. Some rights reserved.

I guess the current deterrent doesn’t worry some people. My mum had an interesting idea though: what if your mobile phone was confiscated and crushed if you are caught using it while driving? That might be a real deterrent. Not just because of the cash value of some modern phones, but because people are so attached to their phones. Could it work? Cars already get crushed for not having road tax in the UK, so it doesn’t seem too much of a leap.


My mum, the seriously organised criminal

Just finished watching Taking Liberties and, apart from making my blood boil, it reminded me how proud I am of my mum. Here she is on 7th November 2005 standing up against bullying from her head teacher and the government at the same time:

Whitley to Westminster

(Since she didn’t have permission for a ‘protest’, so she was making a ‘request’, not protesting… Luckily we didn’t get arrested!)